Ghost Recon Wildlands tips

Ghost War League: Ghost Recon Wildlands tips

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is one of the most fun and exciting open-world shooter that has come out in recent memory. It was a huge step in a different direction for the franchise but it proved to be a successful one with the game selling millions of copies around the world.

Until today, this game is being played and we here at Ghost War League can’t get enough of it, especially after the tournament is done. If you’re someone who’s been meaning to start playing this game, then we encourage you to do so as it’s never too late to start.

Better yet, here are some tips from us here at Ghost War League that will help give you a headstart on the game:

Play with your friends

Although you can play the entirety of Ghost Recon: Wildlands in a single-player, we think that the best way to experience it is with your friends. This tactical shooter is more enjoyable when you know that your friends got your back when things go sideways, which will frequently happen. Also to strategize with a team that you completely trust is an enjoyable experience.

Even when things don’t go as planned, you can still expect to have a few laughs with your friends. The important thing is that each of you is having fun and this game is the perfect sandbox for that.

Make use of your gadgets

Ghost Recon: Wildlands isn’t as simple as any other shooter game. Instead of letting you run and gun with a primary and secondary weapon, the game also includes a bunch of gadgets in your arsenal, all of which helps you in carrying out your mission.

One of the gadgets that you’ll be making the most use out of is the drone. With this handy device, you can spot enemies from afar and scout an entire base without being detected. Just make sure not to fly near enough for the guards to spot the drone!

Once you’ve scouted the entire area that you’re trying to infiltrate, your mission will be way easier to do as you’ll know the ins and outs of the place.

Don’t hit the civilians

Another thing that makes this game unique is its inclusion of civilians. When you raid an enemy base, you can’t just barge in and shoot everyone on sight because you may mistake a civilian for an enemy. When this happens, the mission automatically fails and you’ll have to redo the mission all over again.

Make use of the helicopter

One of the best things about Ghost Recon: Wildlands that we love here at Ghost War League is the variety of vehicles that the players can make use of to traverse the vast land of Bolivia. If you’re travelling from one end of the map to another but you don’t want to fast travel, we encourage you to make use of the helicopter.

This is the fastest way to get around the map and it treats you to some of the most amazing views of Bolivia. The great thing about this is that it’s free! You don’t have to buy it or do a mission to unlock it. Once you start the game, it’s already at your disposal ready to be used anytime you want.

Take care of the alarms

If you’re someone who wants to approach every mission stealthily, then we encourage you to take care of the alarms immediately. Once you get spotted, a guard will rush his way to the alarm to set it off, calling for more backup. However, if you take their alarm system beforehand, they won’t have the chance to call in more reinforcements when you get spotted during your infiltration.

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